Progress Denied: The Impact of Inequalities on Development

economic-crisisH.E. Kydyrov stated his concern from the looming economic crisis in the world. He also stated that the small and growing nation of Kyrgyz Republic has been affected by the sudden plummet in the world’s economy in 2008. Due to the economic fall in 2008 H.E. Kydyrov, expressed that in Kyrgyz Republic inequalities in the work force has risen. “Women are not being paid as much and workers are being exploited” stated H.E. “Not only is there growing problems in Kyrgyz but this can be a precursor for what is to come in other struggling nations.”

Ms. Viale read the Secretary General’s message on inequality in the work-environment around the world. H.E. Ban Ki-Moon said, “That a growing problem nations have to deal with is the use of child labor and women pay inequality.” He further stressed that if men and women were paid equally at work and the minimum wage of two dollars a-day was raised it would be beneficial not only to the workers but, to the whole world. Ms. Pangiotopoulos and Ms. Tomei agreed that problems, such as, discrimination, access to education, and wage difference should be tackled immediately. They also believed that their ideas could solve the present issues occurring in the worker being treated unequally. Ms. Antonopoulos also agreed with the solutions presented; however, she believed that a more effective solution would be with policies dealing with deficits. She said that many nations should begin to adopt the ideas that the U.S. and other developed nations are attempting to implement. She further stated that dealing with spending is more important. According to Ms. Antonopoulos, spending money that countries cannot afford to spend would be devastating. An example she gave was that of her country, Greece. Ms. Antonopoulos then said that if nations want to spend money they do not have “they need only to look at Greece as an example on how the future will look.” Finally, Ms. Covert a journalist expressed that women have been affected the most in this economic catastrophe that is occurring. She urged NGO and nations to take this problem head on and end a problem that has been prolonged.

By: Manuel Barrientos

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