CSW 57th Session, Seventh Meeting: Implementation of Strategic Objectives

images-1Azerbaijan: Modern studies show that it is impossible to gain economic development without ending violence against women.

United Republic of Tanzania: Last year, different countries from around the world joined the United Republic of Tanzania in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This climb was symbolic of the commitment of all these countries to the prevention of violence against women and girls.

Secretariat General of Greece: The development of a new mechanism observatory is underway to monitor and evaluate the implemented gender equality policies for the development of an integrated information system, and a national system of gender indicators. The Greeks place great importance on matters of gender equality, especially now during these turbulent times of the financial crisis. With women constituting more than half of our country’s population, it’s only fair to assume that women should have equal participation in all fields of political, social, and economic life as the only vile approach to development.

Deputy Minister of Women of Peru: Violence against women is scourged with a serious expression of inequality and discrimination. Thus the government of Peru designed public policy geared exclusively to face this phenomenon in a comprehensive manner. This is in keeping with the standards set forth in the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

Vice Minister of the Social Affair of Panama: Through executive decree adopted in 2012 a policy of equal opportunity for women was passed and is promoted through a network of government mechanisms. Implementation of this policy provides access to work, education, healthcare and the right to adequate housing. As well as food, security, and provides priority for women in conditions of vulnerability.

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