Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 57th Session, Eleventh Meeting

Iran, UNCTAD and Rwanda all opened the floor voicing similar concerns in their countries. The use of condoms, sterilized equipment and sufficient medical care has all been attributed to the continued spread of diseases HIV and AIDs. Education has also been flagged as a major problem as many individuals really do not have the knowledge to form educated decisions. Eradicating violence against women and gender inequality consist of mainstreaming gender representation into national plans. The media has a serious role to play here; the media needs to take more care when representing women throughout all media outlets including the social media platforms which is rampant with gender inequality because it is unregulated.

Other recommendations included empowering women and eliminate gender gaps by raising standards of national initiatives and a portion of the public expenditure and social investments should be directly or indirectly allocated to women. Data plays an unparalleled role in how we can measure and look to change gender inequality and violence against women throughout the world. A key medium is social media, but only those women with access to these devices such as mobile phones and computers can fully partake to rally against gender inequalities and stereotypes. If we educate today then we can break the cycle, even beginning at a primary schooling level.

Luis Mora took the floor speaking in-depth about the difficulty of obtaining a universal initiative, and offered ways in which we can address these issues:

i. How we conceptualize the public and private sphere

ii. Domestic economy and national economy

iii. How do we conceptualize time and add value to women’s work

iv. A change within our social norms

v. Women do not join public sphere on a equal platform, many women enter the labor market with predetermined roles

vi. The reproductive impact of a woman’s life on her professional life.

vii. Non-discriminatory policies which strive effortlessly toward social change

There must be accountability and a sense of social justice, bringing women from the private space to the public space, on an equal basis.

By: Wayne Doyle

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