CSW 57th Session, Fourteenth Meeting

images-1Today’s commission began with a letter from the President of the Economic and Social Council to the Chair of the CSW. It stated that the 2012 high-level segment of the Economic and Social Council, considered ways to deal with the global jobs crisis, by focusing on the areas of unemployment, productive capacity, social protection floors, and development cooperation.

The theme for the annual review of the Economic and Social Council in 2013 will be; science, technology and innovation, and the potential of culture, for promoting sustainable development. This theme highlights recent work of the CSW and can enrich the council’s discussions and strengthen attention to gender perspectives in its deliberations and the outcomes related to the theme of the 2013 review.

The outcome of the previous session, included recommendations in six areas that could guide the Economic and Social Council in its work:

  • Strengthening national legislation, policies and programs
  • Expanding access and participation in education
  • Strengthening gender-sensitive quality education and training, including in the field of science and technology
  • Supporting the transition from education to full employment and decent work
  • Increasing retention and progression of women in science and technology employment
  • Making science and technology responsive to women’s needs

The commission’s agreed conclusions also proposed a range of measures to ensure women’s’ and girl’s equal access to and participation in science and technology. These include making science education policies and curricula relevant to the needs of women and girls, promoting a positive image of careers in science and technology. Ensuring that science, technology and innovation policies address the constraints faced by women entrepreneurs; achieving equal participation of women and men in decision making in science and technology institutions.

By: Bethelehem Baissa

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