CSW 57th Session, Fifth Meeting

Throughout each of the presentations by various countries, many points were brought forward in favor of reaching a state of total, worldwide gender equality. Though the committee has commended one another in the progress made thus far, it is recognized that general threats to achieving equal gender rights remain for all women and children across the globe. Some topics that entered discussion included (but were certainly not limited to)  female genital mutilation, domestic abuse, LGBTI equality, human trafficking, etc. As a wide majority of the speakers during this session were from an African state, a majority of the concerns brought forward were specific to this region. Moreover, instances of progress cited were very region specific but were introduced so that the committee could take these points into account when considering new approaches to attaining gender equality in other regions. Lastly, some concerns were addressed as to whether gender inequality was due to long-existing traditions that are not able to be changed immediately. These concerns were quickly addressed as it was soon realized that though equal rights and social status may not be traditional, violent acts are certainly not acceptable in this day and age even if a woman is speaking out against a tradition that limits them as an independent person.

By: John Benducci

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