General Assembly, 67th Session: 69th Plenary Meeting

optimism21This session of the General Assembly began acknowledgement to key achievements in the area of peacebuilding. In 2012, the Peacebuilding Fund put into practice its strategy to focus support on two priority settings. First, in immediate post-conflict crisis environments where the United Nations can quickly respond to peacebuilding opportunities. Second, the Fund can make longer-term grants in support of national ownership and institution building in countries demonstrating political commitment to peace building.

Involved countries addressed their engagements with the Peace building Fund

  • Burundi: supporting reintegration to strengthen social cohesion
  • Central African Republic: reviewing progress in Peacebuilding Fund support
  • Guinea: security sector reform, reconciliation and employment
  • Sierra Leone: support for a critical milestone in peace consolidation
  • Chad: supporting structures to promote peacebuilding
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: supporting stabilization in the East
  • Ivory Coast: restoration of State authority in conflict-affected areas
  • Kyrgyzstan: consolidating peace and democracy
  • Lebanon: addressing triggers to violence
  • Libya: supporting civic education in democratic transitions

The Peace building Fund business plan 2011-2013 established the target of allocating $100 million per year to a maximum of 20 active countries, while raising $100 million in annual contribution. There were no new countries on the agenda of the Peacebuilding Commission. More than $80.5 million was received in contribution in 2012. The fund continues to diversify its already broad base with two new donors (Bangladesh and Colombia).

Peace building is a long-term enterprise. We have learned from our past that no single template can be applied to the path to peacebuilding.

By: Bethelehem Baissa

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