Infopoverty World Conference 2013: Civil Society Facing the Digital Revolution

istock_000003127471largeDiscussion about the information and communication Technology Agency (ICTA), the agency is fully owned and operated by the government of Sri Lanka. This initiative is funded by a group of major donors, one of whom is the World Bank. Sri Lanka and its communications capabilities in terms of Internet and cell phones has had a positive impact on jobs especially within the rural community. Global business entities are working in Sri Lanka within the education fields to improve the social development of young students. Reintegrating the disenchanted youth through communications (ICTA) and social media aids in eliminating any dissident activity that can be a result of unemployment and lack of education frameworks within the country. It is important to have an encouragement of dialogue and integration of religious beliefs and create understandings without conflict.

The Moldavian Representative discusses the communications landscape within his country, speaking of concerns of communication capabilities within rural areas and the literacy rate in terms of technological advancements. He states, two thirds of households have a cell phone, with only 23% of the population having access to the Internet, and only one tenth of these households utilize broadband. Concerns were expressed about the country’s readiness to embrace all technological advancements that the country has to offer to its citizen’s.

Terri Hasdorff discussed Convoy of Hope and the work it has done to educate, eradicate and alleviate poverty stricken areas. He explained how Convoy has embraced technology alongside its initiatives in Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Honduras. There was discussion of the distribution centres here in the US and abroad, and the role that these Centres play in tackling natural disasters and hunger stricken areas.

Dr. Richard H. Niemayer speaks about Malaria briefly and the implications of the disease.

A fantastic insight into Project Peanut Butter is given and also discussion of the work being done to fight the needless death of 3-5 million children every year.

Lastly, Mr. Needy speaks briefly about data reliability and the digital era, problems within transparency because of the malpractice within the digital world.

By: Wayne Doyle

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