Infopoverty World Conference 2013: Innovations for the Empowerment of People

imagesThe key areas of discussion revolved around supporting and promoting innovative solutions to fight poverty and empower people, exploiting past results such as the Platform of e-Services that were launched in 2012 also at the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development and catalyzing the best stakeholders for a large scale application.

There have been levels of systemic change from grassroots advocacy; for example, NGO’s have influenced policy up to the highest level of government. There is a need for a dynamic global workforce in conjunction with technological advancements. An ecosystem created by four areas of action, policy framework, education systems, industrial and commercial institutions and finally, scaling them up so that these areas become plans of implemented action rather solely plans. There is a need for financing in order to educate, improve and enrich countries educations levels. More than one billion people still remain in extreme poverty around the world and education is one of the best solutions to the problem.

We cannot underestimate the role of the private sector because these organizations also play a vital role, and relationships need to be formed in order to make meaningful progress. Globalization in all sectors across the board is key with an inclusive view.

There seems to be a serious problem with the different economic, social and technological progress regions are making. This is a substantial attribute within global poverty. IT and Communication sectors was discussed by Imad Hoballah, CEO Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Lebanon. Lebanon is currently rolling out high-speed communication lines, but the IT sector has not reached its full potential. Technological advancement is a way to exploit particular economic areas which haven’t been explored before, create jobs, improve lives and create revenue.

In conclusion, many speakers made reference to the world economy of knowledge – the young leaders of tomorrow from all corners of the world coming together to create solutions to economic, social and political upheavals.

By: Wayne Doyle

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