Commission on Population and Development – Summary

Commission on Population and Development,

Forty- sixth session on new trends in migration:  DemograpWITlogohic Aspects

10:00-1:00  –   NLB 5   –   UN Headquarters

 Brief Summary

  • Commission is currently assessing the action of ICPD
  • This topic has been chosen given the current economic climate, both internally and inter=nationally
  • As the world economy becomes more integrated, more individuals are living outside of their birth zones
  • There needs to be a greater recognition of population dynamics#
  • Migrations change the geographic distributions with countries but also change the landscape of stats and transparent information used to evaluate the progress of certain countries
  • Ban Ki moon takes to the floor – stating he is following the issue closely, couldn’t attend last year because of a crisis within the Middle East.
  • Need to pave the way for greater dialogue between societies and governments alike
  • Migration faces many challenges, but it is not a question of how we plan to evaluate the progress
  • Safe legal channels
  • Align migration with labour markets
  • Address problems of illegal immigrations
  • Facilitate return to countries of origin
  • Abuse, sexual exploitation, scapegoating and trafficking need to be address within migrate circles
  • Migrants also promote economic growth and alleviated strained and demanding labour markets
  • Come a long way since the Cairo conference in 1994 – but realistically can we say we have a comprehensive international guideline plan?
  • Suggestions and recommendations made for the 2015 plan on migration and development
  • Women and girls represent almost half of all migrants in the world. These woman leave for a number of reasons such as violation of rights, violence social issues, abuse and trafficking.
  • We need to regulate all of the above and put in place a filtration system to ensure that these migrants are protected and not subject in gender based violence.
  • Executive Director of UNFPA stressed a particular interest in the protection on women and children in terms of poverty and immigration, as these groups are the most vulnerable in many cases.

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Wayne Dean Doyle

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