Partnering For Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development 24th April 2013, United Nations Headquarters, New York


President of ECOSOC: H.E. Ambassador Néstor Osorio opens proceeding’s by paying thanks to the contribution made by individuals with innovative ideas, work and recommendations. Highlights the complex issues which lie ahead, but this leaves so much room for innovative ideas and suggestions. There are many ways in which we need to actively advance the Millennium Development goals.

Ban Ki-moon spoke about the event and paid tribute to the dedication and hard work of all those involved with alleviating the pressure of poverty and social disadvantage.”This is a special ECOSOC event”, stated an optimistic Secretary General. Dr. Mo Ibrahim given special thanks for his innovation and leadership in Africa and indeed globally.”We need to continue working together, important targets have already been met, poverty has already been cut in half, but there are still very real and troubling issues which need to be addressed”. Capturing the full potential of partnership will be paramount to the success of the World Development Goals with more than 70 countries are  already on board with over $50 billion pledged. “We have a tremendous start, stated the Secretary General.

Further Points made;

  • Bringing together talent, research and partnership to strengthen our past work and upcoming work –need to capture the full potential for partnership at country level and internationally, we need to harness the individuals innovation.

Dr. Mo Ibrahim

  • Government on their own can no longer deliver all of the essentials
  • “The achievements of the millennium development goals are the responsibility of the governments of each country. Governments must buy in”.
  • Achievement must be measured, forget speech writers, what we need to focus on is the numbers. What are the bare statistics of each area i.e., water, roads, jobs and infrastructure.
  • Forget about the bureaucrats who don’t fully understand what the situation is, speak to the people on the ground, forget about the talking behind big desks.

H.E. Mr. Christian Friis Bach, Minister for Dev. Cooperation, Denmark

  • Better partnerships globally, better and more efficient infrastructure
  • Utilizing and increasing the green social environment scene, we need more Eco friendly energy sources.
  • The need to leverage public funding and investment

Ms. Doreen Lorenzo reiterates the same points as above –

 Dr. Klaus M. Leisinger

  • People need our support; there is not the same reality on the ground. We should be talking here, that’s good, but we must remember why we are here and that reason should directly affect the individuals involved after this conference.
  • Technology has a serious role to play in the advancement of mankind and the successful overthrow of poverty
  • What really made the difference- “Corporations, these gave the trust and the willingness to participate”.

– By Wayne Dean Doyle

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