Commission on Population and Development: Forty Sixth Session New Trends in Demographic Aspects 10:00-1:00 5 NLB, United Nations Headquarters

Chairperson: H.E. Ambassador Vlad Lupan (Republic of Moldova)

Vice-Chairpersons: Mr. Juan Carlos Alfonso (Cuba), Mr. Matthias Schikorski (Germany), Mr. Eduardo José De Vega (Philippines) and H.E. Ambassador Marianne Odette Bibalou (Gabon) (pending election)

Proceeding’s opened by the Chair stressing greater flexibility needed if there is going to be any meaningful results today. A need to streamline the majority of the text, delegates cannot hold up the proceedings with mundane issues. The need to formalize the decisions made by the board, this will be done in CR6, by 3 o’clock the board needs to formalize in the plenary meeting.

“I understand that there is some delegates with flexibility so I would encourage that again today”, stated the Chair. A negotiation will not take place all afternoon. OP17 alt discussed in-depth in terms of language and terminology, Mexico highlights some issues with language of the text. – the programme allows migrants to integrate fully into society, facilitate family reunification in accordance with laws and specific criteria of each member state and promote a harmonious, tolerant and respectful environment, and encourages host countries to take appropriate measures aimed at the full integration of long term migrants staying (legally/regularly) issue has arisen over this type of terminology.

PP22 could be a used as a compromise in terms of language and meaning – Mexico. Both Europe and Uruguay pose questions and the lack of clarity that surrounds the language, the main theme seems to be the protection of the family through international law. The rights of migrate children also mentioned and the right of that individual to have their family close by. European representative concedes on his need for clarity, which is holding up proceedings stating, “Otherwise we will be here until Christmas”. Mexico again seeks clarification on OP17General consensus on OP17 (outlined earlier) agreed and adopted. OP22 also adopted and the language terminology agreed. OP27 – in relation to the financial aspects of these policies discussed briefly.

A more in-depth update is available on the United Nations Website.

-Wayne Dean Doyle

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