Commission on Population and Development 46th Session

 Commission on Population and Development 46th Session

Date, Time & Location: April 24th, 2013, 10:00-13:00, Conference Room 4 (NLB)

Speakers: Representatives of Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sweden, Togo, Ecuador, United Republic of Tanzania, Niger, Professor Stella Go

 By: Krista Rose Niemeier, John Benducci

During the sixth meeting of the Commission on Population and Development, various issues regarding the rights and protection of migrant workers were discussed. In addition, the ability to achieve economic and social development through migration was mentioned. Specifically, the representative of Sweden noted that migratory workers can promote economic development by filling labor shortages, improving trade flows, and offering skills that may be better matched to particular jobs. In countries where there are youth bulges or high-density populations, the need for enhanced family planning, reproductive health and strengthens partnerships is a continued issue that must be addressed. In addition, new policies or legislation must be adopted to protect workers from abuse such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation and scapegoating. Professor Stella Go later discussed the increasing participation of women in migration to the major areas of Europe, Asia and North America. She asserted that migration is a gendered process that affects the family in addition the migrant worker. It is, therefore, imperative that the issues above be addressed to protect the workers and their families, thus enabling us to achieve economic growth and ultimately, the eradication of poverty.


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