Committee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people

 ECOSOC Chambers 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Attended By: Wayne Dean Doyle & Marli Kasdan

Edited By : Wayne Dean Doyle

Mr. Saeb Erakat, Chief Palestinian Negotiator and Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization questioned the motives and future intentions of  the Israeli delegation, and the western world as a whole. “The only way for reconciliation is to go back to the ballad boxes, we must resolve to ballad boxes and not bullet boxes”, stated an aggravated Mr. Erakat.

Mr. Erakat continued to point out flaws and lack of transparent democracy throughout his speech stating, “The western world decided that democracy isn’t in the Arab world’s best interest”, but unfortunately fell short of actually pin pointing “those in the western world”.

 The following key points were also put forward:

  • Two state solution of 1967 security arrangements willing to make possible modifications
  • Partners with Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon-coordinate with them
  • Palestine as an added asset to security democracy and peace in the middle east, women’s rights, rule of law
  • Netanyahu’s strategy
  • Coast free occupation
  • Gaza strip becomes Egypt’s responsibility
  • US boarders are abroad, need safety, need peace between Palestinians and Israelis, need democracy in the Arab world
  • Western Arab relations must be defined-status quo must not be maintained
  • Arab peace initiative
  • Need peace and democracy
  • Israel is highly militarized
  • Next 2-3 weeks are crucial-”tell Israel that failure to accept to states of 1967 will have consequences” to defeat forces of extremism you need peace
  • Palestinians want 1967 boarders restored, Israelis want defensible boarders
  •  It’s an Israeli occupation

 The Libyan delegation were quick to reiterate Palatines struggle to gain complete independence and democracy stating Mr. Erakat is “someone who is courageous and struggles to get back the rights of his people and have peace and security established in the region”. Libya endorsed his call for renewal of this issue and getting people’s attention and called for establishment of Palestine with pre 1967 boarders. There is a need for two states side by side in peace and security

Calls for stop to settlement activity, religious freedom, release of Palestinian detainees.

Cuba: also voiced its concerns stating “overwhelming majority of Latin America and Caribbean provide clear and resolved support to Palestinian cause”. The Turkish Delegation followed up stating the Turkish government:”welcome’s any initiative to bring peace and stability”.

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