The Children of Syria

Event: Protection of Children from Armed Conflict (Security Council Meeting)

Date/Location: Monday, June 17, 2013; 9:30 – 13:00; Security Council Chamber

Key Speakers: Representatives from the 15 members of Security Council

Attended by: Janice Hiu Wing WONG, Candace Tang, Iman Yashruti, Alyssa Strasser, Marli Kasdan

A vicious war broke out in Syria two years ago and the impact on the region has been devastating, a tarnished land which has exposed how vulnerable its children really have become. Children are targeted, traumatized, abducted, hurt and killed, even with all the efforts made trying to protect them from the armed conflicts. Children are deprived of education opportunities. Schools are used by armed forces for military purposes and they are often the target of attack. Children are recruited to join the armed force unlawfully, some used as human shield while others engaged in suicidal attacks. These conflicts impose long-lasting and irreversible harm on children. Sexual violence is often observed. The use of explosive weapons leaves permanent physical scars on children.

The lack of financial capacity can not be used to justify the lack of justice. Impunity should not be allowed and penalty must be enforced according to laws.Accountability at the national effort is required. All war-time crime should be documented and taken to the international criminal court. More actions are needed to strengthen child protection.

Edited By : Wayne Dean Doyle

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