The Latest Edition of the World Ecology Enquirer now available !!

Ecology E 2012The collective groups of 2013 Summer Interns for the World Information Transfer, Inc. are an enthusiastic and energetic cohort of individuals who, through the Ecology Enquirer, collaborate to spread information regarding the environment, human health, and development to the world. We collectively seek to increase our understanding of the world while trying to build awareness of its alarmingly deteriorating condition.

Declining available of resources, not enough clean water, prevalence of infectious diseases, and global violence paint an opaque picture of a world with an uncertain future. The June 2013 edition of the Ecology Enquirer highlights several of the pressing global issues around the world, and addresses several unacknowledged ones. After one month at the United
Nations, the WIT interns have attended meeting on many pressing issues, with topics ranging from fostering gender equality to ending violence across countries.

While last year the aftermath of the Rio+20 meetings were the key items addressed at the UN, this summer much emphasis has been placed on drafting the Post-2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda will replace the Millennium Development Goals, (MDG’s) which were created in 2000 and are set to expire in 2015. The MDG’s were significant because they were the first global attempt to promote sustainable development, even though many of the goals created were never fully achieved.

Drafters of the Post-2015 Agenda learned several lessons from the MDG’s, one of which was that the MDG’s isolated the most impoverished from the rest of the world. While the first draft was only recently published on May 12th, 2013, much feedback has been provided for the Post-2015 agenda.

Edited By; Wayne Dean Doyle


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