Nothing With Us, without Us.

By Wayne Dean Doyle

General Assembly Hall

A United Youth is Paramount in obtaining success.There was an unusually young presence in the United Nations today which was evident to all-Entry to the General Assembly was limited due to the large crowds, all young, motivated and intellectual individuals interested in the future. More interestingly, the gender balance in the room was quite interesting.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon entered to a capacious reception, “Working with young people is one of the United Nations priorities, and this is the youngest world since records began. The challenges are unprecedented, but the tools are plentiful.”

 The global agenda for sustainable development needs to be improved, discussed and used as a framework in order to build the future. “You want more and better education, affordable health care, responsible and honest government. Come forward; tell me what your aspirations are, stated Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

The conference was also joined by youth councils from, Lebanon, Brussels, Nigeria, India and Brazil all on conference call. Political inclusion, civic engagement, education on health and sexuality and health, we will have a strategy for all of the above; these strategies will be shaped by you, the global youth. I am fully committed to working with you and the contributions that you can make to both the UN and your future, better for all.

 What can the UN do to make our leaders more accountable in the field of healthcare, questioned Nigeria? Mr. Ban Ki Moon spoke of various initiatives to tackle these issues, highlighting these countries and the fact that they are becoming increasingly educated and equipped; this will inadvertently hold those in power accountable to some extent.

Reference made to some of the goals and the need for these goals in order to improve the current situation around the world. Young people need to be stimulated in order to flourish, we need to stimulate young children because the hold the key to the future.

Brussels and Lebanon as similar questions related to unemployment, violence and transparency in government – Young people need to be hungry for knowledge, youth unemployment in Europe is a serious concern with some countries having over 50 percent unemployment, also, the medium of unemployment in Europe, currently stands in and around 30 percent.

Very intriguing questions were asked in relation to youth and the interaction between the UN and youth bodies around the world. Summing up, the future looks bright, the ideas and individuals are there, what’s lacking is a frame work and clear directive. If the United Nations can collaboratively implement a solid foundation globally, this is certainly an area which can flourish and create jobs and a better, more inclusive future for all.

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