Developing Cyber Security Systems – Thematic Presentation and Discussion

Date/Location: Friday, September 20, 2013; 15:00-17:00; NLB Conference Room 6

Speakers: Yuriy A. Sergeyev (Permanent Representative and Ambassador to the UN from Ukraine); Vitali Kasap (Police Advisor of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN); Prof. Oleksii Novikov (Vice Rector of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute).

Written by: Shan Cheema

Intern Attendees: Modou Cham

0ced439.pngWith its many benefits for any modern-day man, the internet has now become a tool for criminals to breach regional laws and regulations and commit hefty crimes. These crimes include cyber robberies, exploitation of personal data of individuals which is provided online, and disabling the online content of organizations and individuals by viruses and bugs.

Professor Oleksii Novikov, the vice rector of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, presented seven cyber security softwares created by KPI. These softwares are meant to be used in various environments to tackle different cybercrimes.

With an everyday increase in internet users worldwide, a drastic increase has been noted in cybercrimes. According to the 2012 Norton Cybercrime report, more than 1.5 million people fall

victim to cybercrimes every day. According to another report, the amount of such attacks has doubled in the last three years.

The cyber security systems proposed in the meeting included:

* Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and fraud prevention in banking systems.

* Active protection in banking software and systems.

* Automatic detection, assessment and analysis of software vulnerabilities.

* Analysis and synthesis software for legal interception.

* Software for detection of information operations in social networks.

* Educational programs in the field of information security.

These programs are designed to detect attacks on the software infrastructure of banks; protect governmental, scientific and industrial enterprises form malware attacks; monitor and analyze the information environment of electronic and social media to detect insecure information flows.

The bachelor and master programs in the field of information security at KPI train students in “modern mathematics, physics and IT technologies,” said Prof. Novikov.

Prof. Novikov urged investors to collaborate with the research team at KPI, implement the proposed systems and help reduce the ever-increasing threat of cybercrimes. “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, as the leading technical university in Ukraine, is ready and interested in working with you to strengthen information systems in all spheres of life and economy: personal, financial, offices and hospitals, industrial and manufacturing,” he said.

Edited by : Wayne Dean Doyle

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