Water and Technology

UN Headquarters Conference Room 6/NLB

Date and location – September 20, 2013 10:00am – 1:00pm

Speakers: Mr. Yuriy A. Sergeyev (Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations); Eugene Stakhiv (U.S.Army corps engineer); Volodymr Rysukhin; Yaroslav Kologrvou.

Written by: Modou Cham

Contributers : Shan Cheems and Wayne Dean Doyle

Attended by: Dr. Christine Durbak, Mr. Wayne Doyle, Shan Cheema, and Modou Cham

GetAttachment.aspxWith first-hand knowledge of the effects of water contamination, I understood exactly the points that Diplomats and members of the IOCC made today at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Malaria is a disease that kills more people in The Gambia and other African nations than any other disease. Stagnant and unpurified water are the breeding grounds for mosquitos that cause malaria. Alexander Zgurosky a representative of Ukraine was one of the speakers today, he explained that “low quality water consumption results in 80% of the major diseases in the world”.

The National Technical University of Ukraine are introducing innovative methods that developing countries can use to ensure reduction of diseases. Not only is the treat of disease an issue but also shortage of clean drinking is a looming issue for the world community. By 2025, 48 countries will face a critical shortage of clean water. So scientist at The National Technical University of Ukraine are working on many techniques to purify water.

Eugene Stakhiv of the U.S. army corps, initiated the conversation of water resources and its importance in developing countries. “Many practical innovation are happening in Ukraine”. One example is, mobile desalination units. “Many other countries can benefit from the mobile desalination units” says Mr. Stakhiv. These units can purify water and mobility allow for transportation to be much easier than other forms of sanitations. Speaker, Alexander Zgurosky a representative from Ukraine also expanded on this information, by introducing “sea and ocean water desalination” which is can be a very important tool for costal countries and islands.

Finally, when one of our own members at the World Information Transfer, media manager Wayne Doyle asked a question about energy sufficiency and electric use, the panel including Mr. Yuriy A. Sergeyev (Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations) said most systems like desalination use a good amount of energy but their scientist are working on innovative methods like “c-wave” or “ocean-wave” systems which uses almost free renewal energy from out planet.

Edited by : Wayne Dean Doyle

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