General Assembly Votes on the Crimea Referendum

United Nations, New York Headquarters, 27 March 2014
During the morning of March 27th in the General Assembly, over 100 countries voted against the action of Russia annexing Crimea from Ukraine. Statements were made by many of the representatives of EU, South America, Asia and Africa.  The rationale of allowing Russia to vote in the Security Council on this issue was also questioned by some member states.
Ukraine was established in the 9th century as RUS in Kyiv, Capital of Ukraine,  and was a thriving democracy.  In the 14-15 century the Moscow kingdom began conquering the lands that belonged to Ukraine and establishing serfdom for its people and in 1654 Moscow decided to become an empire and took the name RUS and its history as its own.
The history of absorbing other countries and taking away the freedom of the people has continued during the Soviet Union and now, as evidenced in Georgia and  Crimea.  However, due to the UN Charter and the proliferation of the Internet via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., over 100 nations took a stand against Russia in its attempt to continue its history of imperialism.
Meeting – Sixty-eighth session -80th plenary meeting- Prevention of armed conflict: Strengthening the role of mediation in the peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict prevention and resolution: draft resolution

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