High Level Political Forum: Harmonising Existing Measurement Efforts

image001A meeting was convened to discuss plans to harmonise existing measurement efforts under the High Level Political Forum’s (HLPF’s) current review function. Chair of the panel, Mr. Ullah opened by highlighting the immense opportunity provided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to coordinate and subsequently align the goals and measurement methods at the private, national, and international levels. Currently, 80% of the post-2015 SDGs do not have measurement mechanisms in place.

Ms. Beishem started the dialogue by giving context to the HLPF’s current review function. At this moment, the HLPF resolution mandates that reporting be voluntary, state-led, and provide a platform for partnerships. But to finalize the remainder of review effort, and to attempt designing a framework for all countries to follow, a few things must fall into place. They need an efficient review in limited number of meeting days, secretariat services for preparation and follow up, ways to integrate existing reviews and report, and financial funds for less developed countries.

Mr. Greenfield added to the panel by challenging the audience to imagine a world where societal and business priorities were aligned, one where the purpose of markets would be to deliver our highest human priorities. He argued that the first step is to empower nations to start adopting measurements and goals beyond simple GDP levels, which seems to be the assessment used to evaluate a country’s world standing. Mr. Betrazzi closed the discussion by highlighting three avenues through which alignment of the national, international, and corporate sectors can be achieved. First, technical work is necessary to increase the linkage in methodologies. Next, a political element to put pressure on the corporate world. Finally, raising awareness through the SDGs about the importance of accurate and efficient measurements.

Meeting Title: Harmonising existing measurement efforts under the HLPF’s review function
Speakers: Marianne Beisheim, Global Issues, SWP; Pietro Bertrazzi, Manager Policy and Advocacy, GRI; Chair Farooq Ullah, Executived Director, Stakeholder Forum; Oliver Greenfield, Convenor, Green Economy Coalition
Location: United Nations HQ, Conference Room C
Date: 30 June 2014
Written By WIT Representative: Zachary Halliday
Edited by WIT Representative: Aslesha Dhillon

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