Means of Implementation of Sustainable Development

image18_266To trigger new partnerships and voluntary commitments, a moderated dialogue was conducted at the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on “Means of Implementation for Sustainable Development”. “Ethical equation is inspired by vision of justice”, said Mr. Raymond in his opening speech. He highlighted the importance of justice in various aspects. Mr. Muhtar pointed out there was a need for a “quantum leap” in the resources that can be used and channelled. He also discussed the importance of focusing on country ownership of national development strategies and exploiting synergy across the various dimensions of development. Also, it requires a global and strengthened partnership to adopt policies and mobilize resource efficiently.”

Mr. Rachel said that the United Nations plays a leading role in bringing together finance and socioeconomics. He emphasized that creating a national enabling environment is paramount to ensure effective means of implementation. It includes financing, promoting trade and investment, developing capacity-building and fostering technology transfer. In light of that, the respect for human rights and the rule of law, including accountable institutions should also be included to ensure the implementation of the future agenda. Mr. Steve was concerned about the structures of capital markets are unsustainable.

Thus, AVIVA, had published a roadmap for harnessing capital markets to promote sustainable development. In addition, he suggested that governments should establish national legislative frameworks that require market participants to produce an integrated sustainability report. This would ensure national corporate government codes and promote capital market regulation effectively. The panelists conveyed three common key messages in triggering new partnerships and voluntary commitments. First, to ensure partnerships are fully inclusive and participatory, moving beyond consultations to comprehensive engagement. Second, it is vital to mandate economic, social and environmental safeguards in partnerships. Third, to expand the concept of public-private partnership to embrace cooperatives and solidarity economy enterprises.

Meeting Title: Moderated Dialogue “Means of implementation for Sustainable Development”
Speakers: Mr. Saner Raymond, International Relations & International Management Sciences Po, Paris & University of Basle, Switzerland; Mr. Mansur Muhtar, Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing; Mr. Rojas Claudio Rachel, Director for the Economic and Development Unit, Director General for Multilateral and Global Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile; Mr. Waygood Steve, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, AVIVA; Ms. Kantrow Louise, International Chamber of Commerce’s Permanent Representative to the UN (since 2007) and organizing partner for the Major Group of Business and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce
Location: Trusteeship Council, United Nations HQ, New York
Date: 30 June 2014
Written By WIT representative: Samantha Kong
Edited by WIT Representative: Aslesha Dhillon

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