Bridging the Implementation Gap for Rio+20

Rio+20_logoA panel discussion was convened to review and facilitate exchange of experience and lessons learned from the Rio+20. Beginning the discussion, Mr. Seth acknowledged that the 3 pillars of sustainability being brought into one umbrella in the post-2015 development framework are pivotal to construct a robust agenda. Speaking of way to further green economy, he noted that inclusiveness, efficiency, decarbonisation are the heart of the green economy and these three core concepts need to be enshrined in green jobs. The concept of inclusiveness and efficiency were well covered in the agenda, however decarbonisation needs mainstreaming. He believed that the post-2015 development framework has the capacity to capture every element of action, to bring forward a truly integrated and transformative agenda.

Mr. Pinheiro highlighted the social dimension of MDGs by targeting employment to eradicate poverty, yet he noted that the social protection and policies in terms of full employment were not captured in the SDGs for a thriving green economy. Next, he discussed the lack of availability of decent jobs for young people as another important challenge of the SDGs. He suggested the following measures to achieve broader support and fully transition of SDGs: i) refining MDGs framework to bring full employment as the ultimate target, ii) adding value to economy, iii) rethinking economic growth model to increase productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness and iv) ensuring a safe and secure working environment for all.

Mr. Christian demonstrated how the opportunities of renewable energy can attract private investors, by sharing his project on the use of business approach. He highlighted the role of young people, urging developing countries to equip youth to be the innovators in green economy. To bring about a transformative agenda, there is a need to mobilize private sectors to develop long-term perspective. Lastly, Mr. Greenfield recommended a global economic government to frame market and economic system, so as to prevent SDGs from falling back into a giant development agency.

Meeting Title: Bridging the Implementation Gap for Rio+20
Speakers : Elliott Harris, Director, New York Office, UNEP; Nikhil Seth, Director, Division for Sustainable Development; Vinicius Carvalho Pinheiro, Deputy Director, ILO Office for the United Nations; Fitzmaurice Christian, Environment Division, Antigua and Barbuda;Oliver Greenfield, Convener of the Green Economy Coalition;
Location:Conference Room 6 (NLB), UN, New York
Date: 2 July 2014
Written by WIT representative: Tracy Lau
Edited by WIT Representative: Aslesha Dhillon

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