High Level Meeting to Convene in December 2015 on Information and Communication Technology

images-12This morning, the General Assembly reopened the consideration of the draft resolution – Information and communications technologies for development: draft resolution (item 16). It was decided today to convene a high-level meeting in December 2015 with regard to the implementation of the outcome of the 2003 World Summit on Information Society. This will address information, communication technology gaps, as well as finding solutions to bridge the digital divide and harness information. The President announced that this adopted draft resolution will be preceded by an intergovernmental preparatory process.

Next, India’s representative stated that timing, structure, format, participation, and outcome would determine the success of the high-level meeting, and he was positive that intergovernmental negotiation could be showcased during the meeting.

The representative of the United States recognized the open, inclusive, and multi-stakeholder participatory approach used at the Summit. He looked forward to the high-level meeting with consideration of science and technology, which could overcome political posturing and ideology, and facilitate consensus building.

The representative of Brazil stressed the important role of Information and Communication Technology in catalyzing action and leveraging support on this overarching goal. He spoke of the direct and close linkage between the Summit and post-2015 development agenda, with targets for information and communication technologies that are listed under goal 4, 5, 9 and 17 of the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals. He called for redoubling the effort to bridge the digital divide, and to ensure freedom of speech was protected.

The European Union and Tunisia also expressed their commitment to information and communication technologies for development, and highlighted the importance of meaningful inputs by all stakeholders. The European Union hoped the 2015 high-level meeting would take in account the June 2014 Summit review by the International Telecommunication Union.


Meeting Title: General Assembly 105th Plenary meeting on Information and communications technologies for development
Speakers: Ambassador John W. Ashe, President of the General Assembly; Representatives of India, United States, , the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Brazil and Tunisa
Location: CB2, United Nations Headquarters, New York
Date: 24 June 2014
Written By WIT Representative: Tracy Lau
Edited By: Marli Kasdan

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