11 November Security Council Meeting on Bosnia and Herzegovina

United-Nations-Security-CouncilToday’s meeting discussed the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Russia declined to support the European Union, which agrees with the extension for peacekeeping force in Bosnia. The votes in the U.N. Security Council expressed the tension between Russia and other countries trying to cooperate with the European Union for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, there was a vote held regarding military operations. The Russian Federation abstained. Besides, all countries except for Russia claimed that the human rights of minority populations have been violated in Bosnia and Herzegovina while the government moves ahead with reforming its economy and strengthening the rule of law. However, the representative of Russia strongly rejected the proposal and declared that the movement of Bosnia cannot be forced by other countries.

Today’s meeting clearly represented a widespread concern about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s stagnation amid political bickering and unemployment. Russia warned about the threat of militant Islam instead. After election in October, Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing a decisive four years ahead. The representative of Bosnia said that the country is looking forward to taking the next step in the process of integrating into the European Union and the international economy.

Meeting Title: Security Council 7307th meeting – 1. Adoption of the agenda 2. The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Letter dated 30 October 2014 from the Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council
Speakers: The Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Lithuania; Russian Federation; Jordan; Nigeria; France; Republic of Korea; Chile; China; United Kingdom; United States; Luxembourg; Argentina; Chad; Rwanda; Australia; European Union Serbia; and Croatia.
Date: 11 November 2014
Location: Security Council Chamber, UNHQ, New York
Written by WIT Representative: Minji Han

Edited by WIT Representative: Philip Bracey

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