The Influence of Social Media Technologies on Civil Society

6-Reasons-Why-Your-Medical-Practice-Needs-A-Social-Media-StrategyNon-governmental organizations and civil society play a key role in creating partnerships to continue development efforts around the world. Ms. McHugh stated the two objectives of non-governmental organizations are to continue to build on achieving the Millennial Goals to yield bigger results with new age technology and provide effective communications using traditional platforms and social media. Social media helps us achieve a global reach and allows for interactions with others around the globe. If used properly, it creates opportunity for global partnership and global leaders must arise to the challenge.

After Ms. McHugh touched on the importance of social media presence, Mr. Jawaid explained the importance of making social media initiatives aesthetically appealing. Now, everybody has access to design resources and it should be a priority for all because design is a reflection on your company or organization. It tells who you are, what you represent, your mission, and a story. A visual identity must be created, down to the typography, to illustrate your goals. Mr. Islam added another key factor is promotion and the importance of using specific hashtags or celebrity endorsement.

Ms. Suma noted most non-governmental organizations are on a budget and have next to no budget for a communications department and her solution was the youth. The youth grew up with this technology and have an understanding of how to physically use it as well as achieving results. Last, Ms. Avakain spoke about using social media properly. A question to ask yourself before using any platform is, “is this helping me build or achieve my mission?” Social media is a lot of work and Ms. Avakain suggested, start small and build up.

Meeting: Communications Workshop Acting Globally in the Digital Age (Organized in partnership with the NGO/DPI Executive Committee Communications Subcommittee)
Date & Location: 11 June 2015, 10:00-18:00, Economic and Social Council Chamber, UN Headquarters, New York
Speakers:Laura McHugh, Executive Producer & Host for PBS39 Lehigh Valley; Helen Rosengren, Public Information Officer for the Communications Section of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs; Waqas Jawaid, Partner at Isometric Studio; Carlos Islam, Associate Public Information officer for the Advocacy and Special Events Section of the UN Department of Public Information; Kathryn Suma, American University Washington College of Law Student & Department of Public Information NGO Relations Youth; and Caroline Avakian, Founder of SourceRise and Managing Partner at Socialbrite
Written By WIT Representative: Natalie Dell’Estate
Edited By WIT Representative: Parth Shingala

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