Reshaping the Evaluation Function of UNW


The UN Women representatives at today’s briefing reported on the evaluation function of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in 2014. Speakers also discussed corporate evaluation on the contribution of UNW to women’s economic empowerment and reviewed policies and practices to promote responsive evaluation systems.

Mr. Segone, director of UNW evaluation, provided statistical data on the status of UNW’s evaluation progress as well as recommendations on how to move forward. Suggestions included providing clarity in its commitment to lead through partnership and turning UNW into a knowledge-led organization.

Following, Mr. Seymour offered a response by management. He discussed the necessity of creating an evaluation framework that is fit for purpose and well adjusted into the UN system of operations. He also pointed out key challenges to evaluation implementation ranging from an altering political climate to crisis contexts such as in the Middle East that may endanger the security of its workers. Lastly, he proposed that UNW pay special attention to its 20 poorest preforming offices and implement a Country Office Assessment Tool (COAT) to hold individuals more accountable.

Ms. Jones ended the meeting as she directed the focus towards the economic aspect of UNW’s operations. By general consensus, it is acknowledged that much of the organization’s work is done at a micro level. However, more attention needs to be given to policy making in the broader context, especially when looking at the primary purpose of the SDG’s, which is to eradicate extreme poverty. Such a goal can be achieved with an understanding of how tax revenues are spent to promote job and income creation. By leveraging their network to include not only member states and UN agencies, but also the private sector, such macroeconomic policy making can implemented.

Meeting: Women’s International Forum: Meeting on “The big trends shaping the world today (sponsored by the Executive Office of the Secretary-General)
Date & Location: 25 June 2015, 15:00-18:00, Conference Room D, UN Headquarters, New York
Speakers: Marco Segone, Director of UN Women Evaluation; Daniel Seymour, Deputy Director Progamme at UN Women; Meg Jones, Chief Economic Empowerment at UN Women
Written By WIT Representative: Melissa Chan
Edited By WIT Representative: Parth Shingala

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