Promoting the Post-2015 Transformative Agenda


Mr. Vella commenced today’s HLPF by addressing a call to action by the three pillars. The European Union has expressed their commitment on taking the challenge of implementing the SDGs not only domestically, but externally as it transitions from a linear to circular economy. He also asked that the SDGs be implemented as a whole rather than “cherry picked.”

Following, Mr. Dembele talked about the nature of his own agricultural country. In such areas, the youth is becoming increasing lost given the lack of jobs. This creates an urgent expectation for a transformation program which include actions raging from vocational training to entrepreneurial guidance. He also stressed the need to reduce the children per capita in order to ensure the program’s success.

Ms. Alamilla highlighted the achievements of Belize when it implemented its poverty reduction strategy in 2013. It is now the model used by other members to achieve better quality of life, environment and social cohesion. With its young population, Belize’s strategy indicates the optimal policy on using its resources in a sustainable manner. Mr. Severe explained that the purpose of the HLPF is to pursue meaningful research of a complete, acceptable and achievable agenda. The UN is positioned as the defenders of 7 billion people and are expected to have huge ideas. “If we do things well today, we will ensure a certain and better more prosperous future for generations beyond the next 15 years.” The future will depend on what we do here, all of us, let us move forward a truly animated enriching debate.

Meeting:  Ministerial meeting of the high-level political forum on sustainable development
Date & Location: 6 July 2015; 11:15-13:00; Trusteeship Council Chambers, UN Headquarters, New York
Speakers: Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment; Solifou Dembele, Minister for Youth; Shahidul Haque, Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh; Baroness Verma, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State; Joseph Severe, Union des Amis Socio Cultures d’Action en Development, Haiti
Written By WIT Representatives: Melissa Chan, Ariel Granat, Katy Ho, Kyle Chen
Edited By WIT Representative: Parth Shingala

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