Habitat III

Today’s two-panel discussions focused on the creation of a vision for transformative commitments for a sustainable urban development, as well as the different elements required for enabling sustainable and inclusive urban prosperity and opportunities for all. Several representatives of stakeholder groups spoke in order to provide varying perspectives and unique insights on the challenges regarding the Zero Draft of the New Urban Agenda for Habitat III.


Notable remarks include, the importance of a strong vision statement that facilitates coherence for mobilizing all stakeholders; an emphasis on a ‘Right to the City’ approach, suggested to occur through the continued development of participatory engagement processes; and a stress for a paradigm shift to create inclusive spaces for both current and future citizens of cities. Of particular concern is the recognition of persons with disabilities, women, persons employed in the informal economy, and rural communities in the planning and construction of new, effective urban form and the expansion of existing spaces. To enable these urban projects, innovative and alternative forms of finance and funding are essential, and should consider inter-generational conditions as key elements. The communication of such innovative ideas and concerns are suggested to be better shared, through an inter-city system that fosters global collaboration and possibility for replication and evolution.

Meeting: United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (III) – Informal hearings with representatives of major groups and other stakeholders in preparation for the Conference

Date/Time/Location: Monday, June 6, 2016; 15:00 – 18:00; Conference Room 2

Speakers: Sunil Dubey, representative of Metropolis Australia; Betsy Campbell, representative of the Environmental Finance Center; Bachir Kanoute, representative of Enda EcoPop; Daniela Carrera; Victor Pineda, director of World Enabled; Gabriela Suarez, Executive Director, Women in Cities International; Gia Gaspard, President at Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago; Patrick Brett, Managing Director at Citigroup; Pilar Balbuena, representative of WeGo Network

Written By: Lena Courcol, WIT Representative

Edited By: Modou Cham, WIT Administrator

Photo: http://blogs.worldbank.org/sustainablecities/



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