The UN at Work


This morning’s meeting covered the UNFPA country programmes and related matters, items 11 and 12.

 Executive Director , Ms. London began the conversation of agenda item 11, a discussion and approval for the country program of South Sudan and the 1-year extension for the Dominican Republics country program. The board was assured that all country programs undergo extreme in-depth peer review of all financials before coming to the forum. She also shared examples of the recent achievements of UNFPA in South Sudan, such as the increased number of midwives available and working in the country. It was also made well aware that the 1-year country program extension of  the Dominican Republic is in alignment with the national country cycle and has contributed to reproductive health in their youth as well as coverage of sexual education throughout their school systems.

Ms. Andrea Cook continued the Executive Boards conversation citing South Sudan’s lack of sexual health success a key reason framing the need for UNFPA support.It was noted that South Sudan ranks 169th out of 188 in terms of sexual reproductive health. Agenda item 11 ended with delegates being asked if the UNFPA country program for South Sudan and the 1-year extension for the Dominican Republic should be accepted. Both were. Agenda item 12, the Annual report of the UNFPA Evaluation Office and management response was then discussed. It was stated that 8 evaluation studies were launched as well as 20 country evaluation programs, and in 2015 17 country report evaluations were submitted and 71% were indicated as ‘good’. The limited availability of skilled evaluators still remains a challenge. The communication of evaluation results is critical. Staffing has had high turnover rates and all staffing positions will be filled extremely soon.

Meeting: Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund and the United Nations Office for Project Services

Date/Time/Location: Tuesday, June 7, 2016; 10:00-13:00; Economic and Social Chamber

Speakers:  Ms. Andrea Cook, UNEG Vice Chair for Evaluation Function; Ms. Laura London, Executive Director.

Written by: WIT representative Amirali Agha-Khan

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