United Nation’s ECOSOC President gives a briefing on 2016 HLPF

The President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), H.E Oh Joon in his opening remarks explained that this briefing was organized to share the current state of preparations for this year’s High Level Political Forum (HLPF) and the ECOSOC high level segment.  Further details will be available on the website.

He explained further that the 2016 HLPF preparations will take the agreements of member states into account as appropriate and that the HLFP will have an arrangement which will set no precedence. A print out copy of the program for the 5 days of HLPF and the program for the High-Level Segment, was distributed to everyone in attendance and the President highlighted that the program reflects inputs that was received on the modality of programs on the HLFP website. President Oh Joon also thanked member states who have provided administrators to take an active role in HLPF.

He further explained that different types of sessions are envisaged during the HLPF from panel discussions to town hall meetings emphasizing that it is important that we make HLPF a mutual, interactive and informative platform for sharing of lessons learned and knowledge. Elaborating on the program, President Oh Joon reading from the print copy said that the first five days will take place take place from the 11 – 15 July, and will start with an opening session, followed by where we stand at year 1. We will then continue with five sessions to ensure that no one is left behind. The five sessions will share national experiences.

The President elaborated that the theme for 2016 “Infrastructure for Sustainable Development for all” was decided by ECOSOC, and that the outcome will be ministerial declaration adopted by HLPF and ECOSOC. President Oh Joon gave the floor to the Director DSD DESA who talked about the events organized by major groups after that, the floor was opened for questions from different countries.

Meeting: Informal briefing by the President of the Economic and Social Council, His Excellency Oh Joon (Republic of Korea), on the preparations for the high-level political forum on sustainable development under the auspices of the Council, and the high-level segment of the 2016 session of the Council

Date/Time/Location:  09 June 2016 /15:00/Conference Room 1

Speakers: H.E Oh Joon, President of ECOSOC

Written By: Fred Talah, WIT Representative

Edited By: Modou Cham, WIT Administrator

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