The State of Global Fish Stocks and Opportunities for Sustainable Fishery Development


The current status of global stocks and the opportunities evident for sustainable development were discussed at the side event entitled “The State of Global Fish Stocks and Opportunities for Sustainable Fishery Development”. The fundamental nature of having a comprehensive understanding of the state of the world’s fisheries was conveyed ardently. To augment trade opportunities, food security, the livelihood of the general public, and to indulge SDGs surrounding goal fourteen, status assessments of fisheries were depicted as essential.

In particular, the lives of people living in developing nations and small island developing states (SIDs) were discussed. These individuals often have the most dependence on fisheries for financial support.

In addition, the event discussed the issues surrounding a statistic by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. The statistic explained that from 1974 to 2013 the percentage of biologically sustainable world marine fish stocks decreased from ninety percent to sixty-nine percent.

Furthermore, the issue of overfishing was conveyed. This can decrease food production and biodiversity, and can also hinder the manner in which the ecosystem functions. The side event explored the nature of capture production and promoted a call to action to decrease the gap in understanding in order to allow for more effective management of fisheries.

In order to potentially increase annual fishery production to 16.5 million tons, the rebuilding of overfished stocks was seen as a viable option. This was considered as an effective way to not only promote a healthier ecosystem, but also to allow for increased resilience to acidification of oceans and climate change.

Meeting: Conference Room 12, Side Event on “The State of Global Fish Stocks and Opportunities for Sustainable Fishery Development”

Date/ Location: Thursday, February 16, 2017; 13:15-14:30; Conference Room 12, UN Conference Building  

Speakers: Kim Friedman, FAO; Tim Adams, Forum Fisheries Agency, Solomon Islands; Ms. Cristelle Pratt, Deputy Secretary General, Strategic Partnerships & Coordination Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Fiji

Written By: WIT Representative Donna Sunny

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