War is sweet to those who never experienced it

Representatives gathered to speak of the importance of art, music, and peace museums in international peace. Jeff Brez began the discussion by asking that we leave no one behind, regardless of group, country, and status. Such has been the recurring status in all peace talks for sustainable development goals and Agenda 2030. Nitza Escalera continued his line of thought, explaining how arts play an important role in everyone’s life and how it allows individuals to commit themselves to peace.



Picture:  http://jonmill.deviantart.com/art/Earth-Art-World-Peace-555149330


Joyce Aspel argued the importance of introducing peace museums and creating cultures of peace. She stated the red poppy demonstrates remembrance, as they were the first wildflowers to grow on the battlefield after WWI in Belgium. White poppies, on the other hand, are used in war museums for peace as well but are less well known. Aspel claims peace museums are vital to promoting nonviolent interactions among different cultural groups. By promoting understanding, peace, cultures, and movements for social justice, sustainable goals will be able to be set into place. The social justice, education, and reduction of discrimination allow for locations such as the Hague Peace Palace to let apeople from all parts of the world to try to reduce arms.



Furthermore, representatives such as Michael Dinwiddie promoted the importance of children in learning the history of nonviolence. By pointing to antiwar and non-nationalistic goals, music allows for people to promote social justice while emphasizing the global picture of peace. Songs such as “Things ain’t the same anymore” were promoted by Duke Ellington in his tours, where in spite of politicians, the arts come to the rescue. Lea Giddins spoke about “pasos,” the spanish word meaning ‘steps’ and ‘passage,’ to show the movement towards a goal of empowerment of peacebuilders through education.

Meeting: Briefing entitled “Creating Cultures of Peace: Art, Music and Peace Museums” (organized by the NGO Relations, Advocacy and Special Events Section, Outreach Division, Department of Public Information (DPI))

Date/Location: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017; 11:00-12:45; Trusteeship Council Chamber

Speakers: Jeff Brez Chief, NGO Relations, Advocacy and Special Events, Department of Public Information; Nitza Escalera Founder, PASOS Peace Museum Project; Joyce Apsel International Network of Museums for Peace NGO Representative to the United Nations Department of Public Information; Michael Dinwiddie Board Chair, Duke Ellington International Study Society; Lea Giddins Board Member, Art for Peace Projects; Lily Gray Liaison Officer, UNESCO New York Office; Hajime Kishimori Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations; Mercedes Ellington President, Duke Ellington Center of the Arts

Written By: WIT Representative Janet Lee

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