Humanitarian Affairs Segment


Humanitarian assistance has increasingly become a heated topic among international community in light of escalating conflicts and tensions globally. The Segment, themed ““Restoring Humanity, Respecting Human Dignity and Leaving No-one Behind: Working together to reduce people’s humanitarian need, risk and vulnerability”, discusses on enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of coordination of humanitarian assistance by the UN.

Mr. Lowcock, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, delivered a report on strengthening coordination on humanitarian assistance of the UN. He highlighted that an effective global humanitarian system is in place currently which saves millions of civilians annually across the globe. Detrimental consequences on individuals’ livelihood caused by famine, natural disasters and armed conflicts were alleviated by the humanitarian aid offered. Innovative, comprehensive and integrated responses mechanisms were well-executed. In addition, anticipative and early-action approach were taken to ensure provision of timely assistance.

Countries’ representatives then took turns to voice their views and comments on the current state of humanitarian aid offered by the UN. Many expressed their deep concerns on the attack of medical personnel and facilities in volatile environments as well as occurrences of gender-based violence. At the same time, representatives such as Canada and Finland stressed on the inclusion of person with disabilities to advance their rights. Most representatives stated that their countries are committed to support stronger international cooperation to realize the aim of “leaving no-one behind”.

Meeting: Economic and Social Council: Humanitarian Affairs Segment

Date/Location: Economic and Social Council, UNHQ NYC; 15:00-18:00; June 19th 2018


Mr. Jerry Matthews Matjila (Vice President of the Humanitarian Affairs Segment)

Mr. Mark Lowcock (Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator)

Representative of Egypt

Representative of Bulgaria

Representative of Armenia

Representative of Italy

Representative of Thailand

Representative of Canada

Representative of Switzerland

Representative of Finland

Representative of Afghanistan

Representative of Germany

Representative of Republic of Korea

Representative of Japan

Representative of Belgium

Representative of Netherlands

Representative of Norway

Representative of El Salvador

Representative of South Africa

Representative of Ecuador

Representative of Cuba

Representative of Sweden

Representative of Indonesia

Representative of  Vietnam

Representative of Honduras

Representative of Ireland

Representative of Turkey

Representative of Papua New Guinea

Written By: WIT representative, Rosalind Cheung

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