Monitoring peace, evaluating institutions, building capacity: A data-driven conversation on SDG 16 and its upcoming 2019 review

The meeting aimed to explore current capacity building progress in achieving SDG 16, “Peace, justice and strong institutions”, from a data-driven perspective. It is commenced by an opening remark delivered by Mr Seth who highlighted that not only it is pivotal to preserve the essence of SDG, but it is also critical to leverage on partnerships to analyse integration between various issues so as to foster people’s engagement towards SDGs.

The representative from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Mr Tommasoli, described SDG 16 as the “enabler, or accelerator” to realize all other SDGs. The use of data is indispensable in an evidence-based analysis as well as complementing national databases. Ms Knuden-Latta then shared her experience on tracking progress towards SDG 16 through global comparable data in order to map a holistic view of the goal. She believed that it is important to identify gaps among official key performance indicators in countries. Moreover, she stated that the understanding of justice and inclusive societies are insufficient in general for nations to conduct appropriate analysis.

Followed by Ms Knuden-Latta’s presentation, Mr Murgatroyd explained the role of trust, partnerships and linkages in capturing progress by data analysis. He mentioned that data should be utilized to a larger extent when it comes to formulating policy or legal frameworks. The senior advisor of the Asia Development Alliance pointed out that little attention has been given to SDG 16 and this goal should be linked with other SDGs at a local, national and global level. Ms Lamarre illustrated a few projects underpinned by the principle of SDG 16 and financed by the UN Development Fund to empower civil societies, promote human rights, and encourage all groups to participate in democratic progress.

Meeting: High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2018 – Monitoring peace, evaluating institutions, building capacity: A data-driven conversation on SDG 16 and its upcoming 2019 review

Date/Location: Conference Room 5, UNHQ NYC; 0930-11:30; July 9th 2018

Speakers: Mr. Nikhil Seth (United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, Executive Director, UNITAR), Mr. Massimo Tommasoli (Permanent Observer to the UN, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), Ms. Ursala Knuden-Latta (Research and Policy Officer, Saferworld), Mr. Chris Murgatroyd (Policy Advisor, BPPS/ UNDP), Mr. Anselmo Lee (Senior Advisor, Asia Development Alliance), Ms Christian Lamarre (Senior Programme Officer, United Nations Democracy Fund)

Written By: WIT representative, Rosalind Cheung

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