The Human Rights of Older Persons in Business

The number of people over the age of 65 will double by 2050. This meeting discussed the human rights issues of older persons and how businesses incorporate the human rights of older persons. Mr.Lee, of the Linklaters Law Firm which is in 20 countries, explained their study with Japan to research non-discrimination, violence, education, rights, and other factors. The law firm is using the 2012 OHCHR  normative standards to judge the progress of 12 different countries, for example in laws.

The main focus of this project is the indivisibility problem. The countries are ones that have the highest life expectancies. Ms.Owens took to the floor calling on tackling the issue of job discrimination toward older persons. For example, the notion of young people taking up entry level jobs is inaccurate today because people have various jobs throughout their lifetime. Studies show older persons manage stressful situations better and productivity increases with older age as discovered by Mercedes Benz.  The main idea is that to get businesses involved and  support older persons projects, ideas for these businesses need to be continuously beneficial for the business.

One example of a project by Nestle in Japan is coffee meet ups for older persons. This promotes the Nestle brand and provides a social atmosphere for older persons that may be crucial to their well-being.  The final speaker, Mr.Karimian of Microsoft, explained that Microsoft has a goal of accessibility for older persons and is providing mobility aids for older persons.

Meeting​: Business and Human Rights of Older Persons  

Date/Location​: Tuesday 24rd June 2018; 13:15 to 14:45; Conference Room 12, United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY


Mr.Rio Hada, OHCHR

Mr.Philip W. Lee, Linklaters Law Firm

Ms.Ashleigh Owens, Ernst & Young

Mr.Michael Karimian, Human rights Commissioner of Microsoft

Written by: WIT Representative Mariam Elsaker

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