Security Council Meeting 8454: Briefing on the Situation in the Middle East



This meeting began with a briefing on the situation in the Middle East by Mr. Mark Lowcock, the UN-USG for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief. Speaking on the issue of the increasing number of explosive hazards throughout Syria, 25 Syrian citizens are currently being trained on explosive handlement and disarmament. Especially in areas of northwest and northeast Syria, member state support and constant assessment to monitor aid must be reinforced.

The delegate from Kuwait set the example for following speeches that echoed the condemnation of the torture, mistreatment, and usage of detention facilities for the Syrian people. Clearly defined conditions on the topic of Syrian refugees returning home must be strengthened. A Turkish-Russian ceasefire was requested as any military escalation would be catastrophic for millions of Syrians as well as Syria’s neighboring countries. There must be a guarantee of humanitarian access while respecting Syrian sovereignty and autonomy. Especially in the case of Rukban, supply deliveries are delayed by months from the Syrian regime placing obstacles for the delivery of aid and criminalizing humanitarian organizations. The delegate from Indonesia called upon the harsh winters as well as the decrease in successful humanitarian aid interventions from the weather while the delegate from France emphasized the differences between aid and reconstruction. Humanitarian aid is immediate need that is subject to principles of strict neutrality, while reconstruction is only envisioned once an irreversible credible and inclusive transition is underway.

Many delegates echoed that support for refugees and host countries must be scaled upwards and calls upon stronger international political negotiations which were to be discussed in the following closed committee informal session. The committee ended with the Syrian Arab Republic clarifying stories such as Hassan Diab in Douma as well as the Rukban camp, stating that many of these stories were fabricated to undermine Syrian power. The delegate from Syria requested countries to respect Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity while reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Meeting: Security Council Meeting 8454

Date/Location​: 30 January 2019, Security Council Chamber

Speakers​: Mr. Mark Lowcock, Kuwait (on behalf of Belgium and Germany as well), United States, Indonesia, Russian Federation, France, Peru, China, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Poland, United Kingdom, Equatorial Guinea, Syrian Arab Republic

Written by: WIT Representative Jessica Shi

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