Girls Rock the SDGs

Inspired by the SDG motto to “Leave No One Behind” all speakers in the meeting today spoke briefly about their own personal projects and how their role as a female within their environments are contributing to the UN SDGs. While all speakers were connected to the UN with their career or education choices, emphasis was placed on being able to bring the SDGs to all individuals in a casual setting to raise awareness and promote education on the 17 topics. The importance of the butterfly effect was mentioned that stated if one school or workplace is educated on the SDGs they will eventually serve as a model to follow for others. 57298822244__E8FCCA9D-C387-44BC-99D8-7989C057128E

Ms. Nishimwe spoke about her experiences as a survivor from the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi as a young teenager and highlighted how she advocates for SDG #3 of good health and well-being for all individuals, especially those who have experienced what she experienced. Ms. Deng, Ms. Vargas, Ms. Sharma, and Ms. Ubiñas all spoke on the importance of representation and equality in terms of SDGs as a whole. By slowly implementing these SDGs to the lives of the youth, who are to be the future leaders of the world, it will become more of a natural habit to gravitate potential solutions to the issues of SDGs.

Meeting: Girls Rock the SDGS

Date/Location: 27 February 2019, Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission Auditorium (221 East 52nd Street), NYC

Speakers: Margo LaZaro, Consolee Nishimwe, Annie Deng, Mariana Vargas, Nandita Sharma, Julia Wykoff, Akari Tomita, Rosleny Ubiñas

Written By: WIT Representative Jessica Shi


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