Security Council Meeting 8493: Syria and the Situation in the Middle East

Resolution 2254, unanimously adopted on 18 December 2015, called for ceasefire and political settlement within Syria. This meeting discussed international progress since the adoption of resolution 2254 with briefings from Ms. DiCarlo as well as Mr. Rajasingham. Discussion of issues within Rukban including low levels of food and medicine as well as the importance of continuous improvements on the scale of humanitarian access were brought up. Lives and dignity must be restored.

Delegates reminded the council that the Assad regime and allies must de-escalate military efforts and release civilians while providing humanitarian access for those wishing to provide aid. While the resolution to this conflict is far from over, we must begin with full implementation of resolution 2254. IDPs should have accurate information on all aspects of what they are required to know and Syrian civilians should be protected from arbitrary detention. There has been a recent increase in violence of civilians and infrastructure from air strikes, and the council was reminded of the root purpose of what the security council was established for. Family unity must be ensured. While finding long term solutions for this crisis is favorable, it must not distract the council from solving urgent and immediate issues that may arise.

In terms of the economy, the Syrian economy has diminished by 60% since the start of the crisis. Many citizens are now living in extreme poverty, and humanitarian needs of both refugees and civilians must be addressed. Without the creation of a safe living environment, there will be no stability. Additionally, many delegates emphasized that military actions are not favorable to political discussion within countries as a step forward to resolving the Syrian crisis.

Meeting: Security Council Meeting 8493: Syria and the Situation in the Middle East

Date/Location: 27 March 2019, Security Council Chamber

Speakers: Ms. Rosa DiCarlo (Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs), Mr. Ramesh Rajasingham (Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis), USA, Germany (also on behalf of Kuwait and Belgium), United Kingdom, Kuwait, South Africa, Poland, Dominican Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Russian Federation, Peru, Indonesia, Equatorial Guinea, Belgium, China, France, Syrian Arab Republic

Written By: WIT Representative Jessica Shi

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