Organized by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Division of Inclusive Development (DESA, DISD), this meeting was convened to celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives.

The opening segment consisted of an introduction to the 2019 theme of the celebration: “COOPS 4 DECENT WORK.” The Permanent Representatives of Nepal and Mongolia were invited to explain how, due to their democratic nature, cooperatives function as an effective tool for the empowerment of individuals and solidarity of their communities in both developed and developing countries.

The subsequent section discussed the operations of current international cooperative programs. A screening of the new International Cooperative Alliance’s (ICA) documentary capturing communal experiences in Nepal, as well as a presentation on the work of the organizations, “ATD Fourth World” and “Sure We Can,” provided insight into the value and contribution of this bottom-up, people-centered approach to achieving sustainable development.

Finally, an interactive discussion was initiated, as participants were encouraged to express their opinions on cooperatives. Matters of equality, gender, and unity were raised, as contributors demonstrated their overwhelming support for proliferating their popularity.


Date/Location:Monday, 8 July, 2019; 10:00-13:00; Conference Room 12, United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY


Ms. Wenyang Yang, Chief of Global Dialogue for Social Development Branch, Division for Inclusive Social Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ (DESA);

H.E. Mr. Amrit Bahadur Rai, Permanent Representative of Nepal;

H.E. Mr. Sukhbold Sukhee, Permanent Representative of Mongolia;

Ms. Georgia Papoutsi, Policy Coordinator, International Cooperative Alliance (ICA);

Mr. Andrea Mancori, Co-Creator of Documentary;

Ms. Sara Vicari, Co-Creator of Documentary;

Mr. Alvaro Iniesta Perez, Deputy Director-General, International Movement ATD Fourth World;

Ms. Ana Martinez de Luco, Co-Founder, Sure We Can;

Mr. Vinicius Pinheiro, Special Representative to the United Nations, International Labour Organization (ILO);

Ms. Carla Mucavi, Director, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) New York Office;

Ms. Ahou Lea Kouassi, World Farmers Organization, Cote d’Ivoire;

Ms. Elisabeth Philippe, United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU)

Written by: WIT Representative, Izabela Zawartka

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