An Intergenerational Dialogue on the Role of Youth in Implementing Climate Action

Organized by the Permanent Mission of Ireland, delegations met today to discuss the role of youth engagement in implementing SDG 13 (Climate Action). Consensus was reached on the urgency of mobilizing all population groups, especially the youth and the individuals from risk-prone regions like the Marshall Islands, into climate action, as they have the most at stake, considering we are currently only experiencing the impact of dire carbon emissions that were created back in the late 90s, with the full consequences of all emissions being foreseen to manifest in the next few decades.

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Mr. Sean Canney highlighted Ireland’s achievement in bringing civil stakeholders and the youth together through the Citizens’ Assembly and different town hall meetings, so as to enable every individual a platform to effectively voice out opinion for innovative directions in better formulating climate action. Another example of active youth participation in Ireland can be seen in the National Youth Council of Ireland, where Coalition 2030 was created to facilitate dialogue between civil society organizations and the Government. The Panel was proud to share that Coalition 2030 is comprised of over 100 international and domestic NGOs, as well as youth organizations, environmental groups, academics, and Trade Unions. It successfully encourages different expertise to work together in achieving the Agenda 2030.

Moving forward, Ireland planned to further enhance inclusivity in decision-making through expanding action into the realm of social media, such as collaborating with Facebook to spread information about the SDGs among the youth, and working with video game developers and gamers to disseminate information about the Agenda 2030.

Meeting: An Intergenerational Dialogue on the Role of Civil Society and Youth in implementing SDG 13

Date/Location: Tuesday, July 16, 2019; 13:15-14:30; Conference Room 7, New York, NY


H.E. Mr. Sean Canney, Minister of State at Department of Rural and Community Development, and Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Ireland;

H.E. Ms. Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Independent TD for Dublin South West, Ireland;

Representative from the Republic of the Marshall Islands;

Representative from Namibia;

Interventions by youth delegates

Written By: WIT Representative Winky Lee

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