COVID-19 AND GLOBAL POLITICS, Political challenges, disinformation and global ethics.

COVID-19 AND GLOBAL POLITICS, Political challenges, disinformation and global ethics. The spread of misinformation has infiltrated our daily lives. False news is on the rise. During this pandemic, how can we think critically and differentiate fact from fiction? What can we do to contain the spread of misinformation? Welcome to Virtual Voices, a series of webinars hosted by the World Information Transfer as part of its constant effort to promote fact-based, science-backed news. 

Join the conversation with H.E. Yuriy Sergeyev. 

This first session will look at:Tensions between global players: how the pandemic has signaled the importance of national defense against health emergencies.Pandemic, disinformation and authoritarianism: the case of Belarus, Hungary, Russia, China and North Korea.COVID-19, the global economy and crime threats: fraud, scams and counterfeit medical supplies.  This online webinar is free and open to the public
  H.E. Yuriy A. Sergeyev.
Former ambassador of Ukraine to France, UNESCO and the United Nations. Senior Fellow of the Department of Political Science at Yale University.
  Moderator: Apurv Gupta.
Apurv is a Strategy Consulting professional at Accenture. He is on the board of World Information Transfer, that advocates for the nexus between health and climate. 
May 22, 2020 12:00-13:00 EST
Meeting ID: 81955609790
Password: 861379

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