The Global Solutions Forum, which was organized by the UN Sustainable
Development Solutions Network (SDSN), seeks to gather experts in science,
technology, and public policy to attain the SDGs.
During the second day of the forum four speakers from different regions (Germany, Belgium, Mexico, and the Mediterranean) presented their respective initiatives and projects, which aim to advance the implementation of the SDGs.
In his keynote speech Dr. Jeffrey Sachs highlighted the need for complex,
interdisciplinary, digital solutions, and the importance of good, solution-oriented governance to address the current crises. Subsequently, he explained that quantified targets and a specific timeline, as formulated in the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, are essential to handle these crises and need to be followed by explicit proposals developed by scientist on how to implement these political goals.
Both the projects from Belgium (InSusChem) and the Mediterranean (PRIMA Observatory on Innovation) seek to establish knowledge-sharing platforms to bring together different stakeholders to find solutions and maximize knowledge through cooperation. While the Belgian project focuses on understanding the complexity of CO2 emissions through cooperation of scientists, the project from the Mediterranean strives for innovation in the agri-food industry by bringing together researchers and
The Mexican project (Axolots in Xochimilco) concentrates on the preservation of Axolots by generating refuges for Axolotl which are easy to build for local farmers and at the same time increase the water quality, and thus the quality of the crop.
By facilitating the Dialogue of the Scientific Councils in Germany the fourth project offers a solution to the lack of exchange among the numerous Scientific Councils which report to the different German ministries, and play an important role in the German National SDG Implementation Strategy. All solutions were subsequently endorsed and commented on by the participants of the conference.

Meeting: Global Solutions Forum 2020, Day 2
Date/Location: 28th October 2020, 3:30-5pm UTC, online event
Moderator: Ms. María Cortés Puch, Vice President of Networks at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Ms. Vera Meynen, Associate Professor at the University of Antwerp;
Mr. Simone Cresti, University of Siena;
Mr. Luis Zambrano, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México;
Dr. Anne Ellersiek, Research Associate at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik;
Dr. Jeffrey David Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University.
Written by: WIT representative Leonie Gahn

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