Annual Youth Assembly

Written by: Alyssa Strasser

Date & Location: August 7, 2013, General Assembly.

Today is the 12th annual youth assembly, today many speakers, young and old, experienced and not, spoke of how youth can affect our world. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made the opening statements, “The clock is ticking on MDG’S and much is to be done. Last month were all inspired by Malala, let us follow her example, when we walk together we can create the future we want”.

UN Alliance of Civilizations High Representative, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser spoke next, stressing that the need to build bridges between cultures, is needed now more than ever, this is why we need the role of youth. The youth needs to tell the government this is not the world we want. Youth is the most powerful agent to change the world. Mutual understanding and cross-country dialogue is the first step in solving the world issues. Today’s youth assembly is the crucial process of forming relations and bringing courage to the most serious issues our world faces. The clock is ticking while we approach MDG’S, the youth brings new ideas and fresh thinking needed for our MDG’s.

Building the Future we wantAmbassador Simona Miculescu from the permanent mission of Romania encouraged young people to find themselves and to get that message to the world, we have the opportunity with technology to reach millions is seconds, we need to take advantage of that. Leadership and empowerment are crucial today, there are 1 billion youth, 85% of the youth live in developing counties, 200 million youth leave on 1 dollar a day, 100 million are illiterate. Youth voices have been converging in the general we have to remember there are 57 million youth that do not have access to education. “Youth must use and develop creativity to effectively lead change, set strategies, to keep up with a rapidly evolving world… Our future depends on youth.”

Ahmad Alhendawi, the Envoy on youth, spoke of the importance of using social media as a way to connect with youth and achieve your goals. Alhendawi ended with “Translate the movement and change that happens online on social media to the real world in concrete actions.”

These were only a few of the many inspirational speakers today, all of which spoke of the importance of youth and how they can make change. One can walk away with the strong positive energy of the Youth Delegates and the hope of them leading the future.

Edited By; Wayne Dean Doyle

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