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  1. July 18, 2014
    There will NO Eminent domain on LAND GRAB or sales of National or International Treaties Text.
    To: Madam Chair Lady Dalee sambo Dorough, Ambassador M’barek Afekouh and UNITED NATION world leaders
    I [Joann Spotted Bear] mato gleska, accept your oath of office as truth. I reserve and preserve all my rights UCC-1-308 Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and I relinquish none thereof with prejudice. , Uberrimae Fidei under contract as well as Uberrima Fides ultimate good faith in contract is BREACHED!!! Treason of Treaty, Honest Service Fraud
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DE FACTO Bankrupt 1933 CORPORATION Fails to Dialog and Ratitfy at the Thirteenth Session of the Permanent Forum, In the United Nation.in New York, PFII under the topic Human Rights (4a) on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, about corruption, fraud, and violence perpetrated by colonial powers recommending the PFII promote respect for the rule of law.
    There will NO Eminent domain on LAND GRAB it is a indigenous trust between the Onerous Fiduciary benefactor and Sovereignty Immunity beneficiary,Not the United States Government to overthrow the Powers of Sovereign Nations.
    We ask for the suspension of the Onerous Fiduciary Immunity Powers that took full advantage here using sovernority powers of treaty truest obligation, and are neglected on the highest level of crime between the benefactor and beneficiary.
    Whereas: We request that the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis be placed immediately, without hesitation, against the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, State of South Dakota and all Government Office, Head Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tracy Toulou of Department of Justice, and the United States Corporate Government, all offices, agencies and departments be fined a sum certain in the amount of $ 630 billion and that the same sum certain be placed against the Corporate STATES, THEREOF; Furthermore all members of the Congress, JOHN AND JANE DOES, past and present, be criminally charged, Indicted by Grand Jury, and upon conviction(s) be sentences to adequate jail terms and all of the United states of America mission building, AKA Embassies, be seized worldwide.
    There is No United States/United States of America rather THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, dba, CORPORATION, SEE 28 U.S.C. @ 3002 Definitions 15) United States means A) a Federal Corporation; a DE FACTO, BANKRUPT, CORPORATION THUS HAVE NO– NO !! Eminent Domain!! THEY HAVE NO LAWS AND STATUTES THEY DO NOT HAVE SOVEREIGNTY as they are and have been bankrupt 4-times; the first following the Revolutionary War: Remember a bankrupt nation is no longer sovereign. This Corporation (1779) a French Corporation was established by what 3-entities? Now Foreign to us? Correct? Can you say Corporate Policy rather than law and statute AKA Fraud? Resolution #80-4 of the Tetuwan Treaty Fort Laramie 1841-1851-1868 -Corporations have no say..
    So long as there is Eminent domain on LAND GRAB FROM THE UNITED STATES so long as we are aware of these issues and they are NOT CLEARED UP!
    There will Never be Eminent domain on LAND GRAB or sacred site for sale if any site , should they sell any sites we shall start selling Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, The Black Hills that hold the 4 Faces of the first presidents, will definitely come down no more intimation of the Great Tetuwan Lakota Oyate the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ or seven council fires. or 564 Federal tribes or Indigenous People – People’s around the world.
    We should be able to go to the auditor page of any county and see when a land was purchased, how, under taxes, Why is this a issue to start with? Where did they get the Allodial Title to the Land? The Creator? There are none! no Bill of sales of the Land.
    INTERNATIONALLY SOVEREIGNTY TREATIES TEXT ARE NEVER TO BE FOR SALE BY THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS for $38.00 by Michelle Wright,Library of Congress Office of Business Enterprises,Customer Service Section(o) 202-707-3026 (f) 202-707-1771 By clicking the following survey link and answering a few questions, you will enable me to improve my service you.https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FCWGNK9-( fraud by trickry, or ) and Robert Rose, A known sex offender with a minor under the age 14 is currently holding title as Federation of Turtle Island within the United Nation or name Turtle Island, Mr. Rose who is of Florida.“and who does, identifies himself as Cherokee”and has solicited these treaties from $150.00 to $ 300.00 and exploitation.our people, The worst thing anyone could have done to our Nations worldwide as a whole, or anywhere for that matter. THIS ALONE IS THE HIGHEST CRIME. $12.6 BILLION TIMES 564 FEDERAL TRIBES. feel this is a act of trickery on behalf of Robert Rose,Michelle Wright,Library of Congress Office of Business Enterprises, All United States of America Federal Agencies, and Congress.
    THE U344 OR N 344 land theft never investigated by FEDERAL BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS or by BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT or UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DE FACTO Bankrupt corporation, as i realize Harry Reid Has been in office more than 30 years and Perhaps in my own opinion ” Harry Reid staged the work off the 1933 Bankruptcy to subdue all Native American Indian tribes by writing out the Treaties of the by law in Bureau Land management as he is a Employee of Washington and a trusted onerous Fiduciary duty officer to uphold Treaty Laws National and International, not to be wrote out of the By law of the . by law of NEVADA ROYAL JASPER QUARTERLY Records of the Bureau of Land Management [BLM] recently Harry Reid gave back 74,000 acres to 7 tribes here in Nevada ,I can not give you a exact date.HARRY REID has no BUSINESS given back land to anyone as it is all indigenous trust between the Onerous Fiduciary benefactor and Sovereignty Immunity beneficiary.by states inside the Constitution as treaty are supreme Laws of the Land as stated inside the chronological list of international treaties, agreements, peace, 587BCE Treaty of Andelot Between Frankish rulers Guntram and Brunhilda. Guntram adopted Brunhilda’s son Childebert II. or may i add, Before 1300 CE “Ramses-Hattusili Treaty” || Treaty between the EgyptianpharaohRamses II and the Hittite monarchHattusili III after the Battle of Kadesh, The first treaty or text as commonly known as is the 10 commandments of the Holy bible.or may i rephaise and say, ” wrote on rock”.
    It was not till 1700-1799 that the United States Of America was born in to the treaty of . Paris Peace Treaty (PEACE TREATY of 1783) states
    Article 7:
    There shall be a firm and perpetual peace between his Brittanic Majesty and the said states, and between the subjects of the one and the citizens of the other, wherefore all hostilities both by sea and land shall from henceforth cease. All prisoners on both sides shall be set at liberty, and his Brittanic Majesty shall with all convenient speed, and without causing any destruction, or carrying away any Negroes or other property of the American inhabitants, withdraw all his armies, garrisons, and fleets from the said United States, and from every post, place, and harbor within the same; leaving in all fortifications, the American artilery that may be therein; and shall also order and cause all archives, records, deeds, and papers belonging to any of the said states, or their citizens, which in the course of the war may have fallen into the hands of his officers, to be forthwith restored and delivered to the proper states and persons to whom they belong.
    Given fact: United states of America Corperation is Bankrupt and de facto and is not human or anaimal -The treaty goes back to the person they belong to. This is all 564 federal Tribes and Indigous world wide.
    and i QUOTE -Article 7:
    “All archives, records, deeds, and papers belonging to any of the said states, or their citizens, which in the course of the war may have fallen into the hands of his officers, to be forthwith restored and delivered to the proper states and persons to whom they belong.
    (a) [Use of terms other than “debtor” and “secured party.”]
    A consignor, lessor, or other bailor of goods, a licensor, or a buyer of a payment intangible or promissory note may file a financing statement, or may comply with a statute or treaty described in Section 9-311(a), using the terms “consignor”, “consignee”, “lessor”, “lessee”, “bailor”, “bailee”, “licensor”, “licensee”, “owner”, “registered owner”, “buyer”, “seller”, or words of similar import, instead of the terms “secured party” and “debtor”.
    United States Of America Greatest International Breach of Paris Peace Treaty (PEACE TREATY of 1783) breached the peace treaty agreement National and International threw sales of text treaty laws, Neglected of Onerous Fiduciary Duty to Obey laws, Blood Liable for the 300,000,000 on smallpox alone that killed our men, women and children for the name America, Land theft,Government fraud.Murder, Abuse of Blank Ink on white paper and the great Seal of both National, International Mail and the Seal of Notary of a papal bull.and the law of admiralty.
    MUCH OF MY INFORMATION IS BEING DELETED OFF MY FACEBOOK PAGE OR USA TODAY -USA TODAY Network’s Bear Week kicks off – Worldnews.com article.wn.com/view/…/USA_TODAY_Networks_Bear_Week_kicks_off/
    1 day ago – INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AT THE UNITED NATIONS – INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ VOICE with JOANN SPOTTED BEAR. Published: 08 May 2014.404 Not Found-when i spoke inside the UNITED NATION in front of Madam Chair of the United Nations http://webtv.un.org/meetings-events/index.php/watch/11th-meeting-permanent-forum-on-indigenous-issues-thirteenth-session-12-23-may-2014/3578607424001 theses video that can not be share via Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_O8c2fMX34. or video link http://youtu.be/qI2av802i-M?list=UUxUsSZ6p2p2QHBSgMiNoloQ.. with National Congress for American Indians and the People of the World and the Leaders. THE GOVERNMENT SURE THE HELL –DOES NOT WANT THE WORLD HEAR ABOUT IT
    One reason that I do not like ” Notice to the Hague” is because Published Public Notice on the www is sufficient to the world, and the other implication that the Hague is somehow wielding power over me!
    IN CRIMINAL MATTERS -concerning 1749 [lord Stanley] you exercise no authority over indian tribes. in the following there are matter that have affected the Great Red Nation of Turtle Island, renamed United States Of America clearly showing dictatorship of dictatorship and combative ownership of under compulsive undereducated 8 th grade dropouts, using black Ink and white paper an when that fails, open of hostility of gun wars and or death,or considered incompetent or place you in jail or prison for life just to avoid the truth. or you are wrote out of history, As if the living breathing person never existed in life at all. This is also known as premeditated murder using the War powers starting in 1492 with Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci.or Black Ink on white papers in essence with no concern for human life rather the Eminent domain for human life and land grab, neglecting the Peace, Friendship, and Trade. of The Marzocco Treaty.
    So the question became, did the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States extend into the states?
    And by the graces of our Creator I have found that all you have to do is think. That’s called praying, that’s called concentrating, that’s called meditating but it’s actually called thinking. If you think about a specific subject for long enough and something will come to you. I was looking in the books that I have for something and I did some work on the computer looking for something. We weren’t coming up with much of anything but we were constantly thinking about it. It was on our minds for several days. And the universe will send something to you when you’re thinking on something long enough and Dave called me. He said, ‘I just got an interesting e-mail from somebody. This guy tells us that there’s a case that says that the United States government doesn’t have any authority anywhere except in Washington, D.C. and the places that the Constitution gave them authority over and no other authority. And I said, ‘what’s the case?’ He said, Caha v. United States
    Also us v Bond
    On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 7:18 AM, David lee Buess wrote:Facsimile 8 June 2012
    [david-lee; family of buess: [BUESS] P.A.G., A.R.R.
    22014 Delaware Township Road 184
    Arlington, Ohio Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) 45814
    Phone 419 694 5796 Fax 419 694 1018
    This Fax number has call blocker. Your Fax must have both Caller Id and Phone Number.
    International Court of Justice
    Peace Palace
    Carnegiepelin 2
    2517 KJ the Hague
    The Netherlands Fax 011 31 70 364 9928
    Lawful Notice and Demand
    Proof is herein demanded of this INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE whereby proof the document entitled “The Constitution Of the United States of America”, the U.S. Constitution, al et al, was lawfully copy written into International Law under the “BANKRUPTCY ACT OF 1933.
    Failure of this document to be copy written into International Law stands as proof of collusion to overthrow the lawful government of we the people by the following entities: 1) Federal Employees and Branches of Government, League of Nations, United Nations, British Government, Vatican, International Bankers: a) Office of President b) Congress c) Judicial Branches established within this lawful document.
    Furthermore: whereas it is only through this “Constitution” that any lawful agency, department, offices is established the omission of said “Constitution” to be copy written into International Law means no lawfully established “offices”, “agencies”, departments of government were ever lawfully turned over to the receivers of the Bankruptcy as it is only through this “Constitution” said offices exist and the Bankruptcy Act is Fraud in the Inducement, null and void, ab initio.
    Furthermore it is demanded that should this “Constitution” not be lawfully copy written into International Law that all entities listed above be criminally charged with Collusion to Overthrow the Government of these union States (50) under Article II [8] did willfully violate said Oath of Office as President and committed an overt act of Treason and this Office of President is now and has been a de facto office. The President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, FDR, did through Executive
    Orders aid and abed the enemies of these union States (50).
    Furthermore: Article III Section 3[1] Treason against the United States … in adhering to their enemies, give them Aid and Comfort would include other Federal Employees and foreign entities listed above: Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government, al et al.
    Furthermore: All entities listed above have colluded to steal the Treasury of these union States (50) dating back to the early 1900’s via the Federal Reserve System and enacted without a Constitutional Amendment in violation of 8 Powers Granted to Congress [5] To coin Money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign Coins, and fix the Standard of Weight and Measures. The Federal Reserve Act/System was a private Bill established on Jekyll Island and not the Halls of Congress through Fraud by Trickery 18 U.S.C. 4. Misprision of Felony; 18 U.S.C. 1344 Bank Fraud (1) to defraud a financial institution – IE The Treasury of the United States; (2) to obtain any of the moneys; funds, credit; assets, securities, or other properties owned by: or under the custody or control of: a financial institution: by means of false or fraudulent pretenses: representations: or promises: see Executive orders of FDR example 6102, Trading with the Enemies Act, Administrative Procedures Act and Congressional Record.
    It is the lawful responsibility of every citizens to make sure his/her government is being ran the way it is intended to be ran: 16 American Jurist Prudence Section 177 … any law written in violation of this “Constitution” is as though it were never written. Evidence presented above is proof the entities mentioned are guilty of collusion to overthrow the Constitutional Government of these union States (50).
    Disclaimer: I, david-lee family of Buess, and these whom are joining me in this document in support, reserve the right to amend or make further corrections to this document: without Leave of Court, without Prejudice as further information becomes available. Furthermore: Claimant(s) do not agree to any civil penalties nor criminal penalties contained in any Banking Act, Forms, Documents, Acts of Congress, Laws, Statutes, Codes, containing a ZIP Code as it is Fraudulent use of the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP CODE) – entrapment as forced use is a criminal act (Domestic Mail Services Regulation, Section 122.32. Ref. Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403, (Public Law 91-375 as residents of these union States are not U.S. Citizens of the District of Columbia as this ZIP CODE represents itself as false jurisdictional authority over the residents of a union State (50) men and women, al et al: (See Hoven and Allison v. Evatt 65 S. Ct. 870,880, 321 U.S. 6523; 89 L Ed 12.52 Two Political Jurisdictions of Congress):
    I, david-lee; family of buess, have made these statements voluntarily and under my own free will
    Signed on this the 8th day of June 2012 and do herein state I am an American Citizen (not a U.S. Citizen which is fraud by trickery) and usurpation by Federal Employees over the American people.
    Finally the United states De facto Bankrupt Corporation Has No say with in the United Nations or any Country do to the Contrary there Onerous Truest has been violated and suspended, we are not asking for permission, we are telling you -The United states Government no longer has permission to abuse our Treaties our land or our resources. or Black Ink on white paper or the Eminent domain in General.

    On this day July 18, 2014 at 9:01 am with in the CBS news Mr.Obama said “No Nation or terrorist should pond on other nations”- with this being said ,he needs to walk his own talk.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Joann Spotted Bear- Mato Gleska
    Mato-Gleska – Joann Spotted Bear
    Tetuwan Treaty Representative of Wounded Knee Massacre 1890 as A TREATY MEMBER consent is value forward as value accepted: Bad Man Removed
    Disclaimer: I, Joan Spotted Bear, AKA: Mato Gleska weyen; Director: A.R.R. , Tetuwan Lakota Oyate Nation: P.O.W. 344 AKA Reservation; reserve the right to amend or make further corrections to this document:
    Without prejudice as further information becomes available. Furthermore: I do not agree to any civil penalty nor criminal penalties as my investigations into the facts/evidence was given me without any force, duress and or threats.
    P. O. Box 20306
    Reno, NV 89515


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