Security Council Meeting on the Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria

The Security Council Chamber held its 7659th meeting. The meeting was on the
adoption of the agenda regarding the situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the
Congo Report of the Secretary-General. The council voted on the draft of the resolution,
and it received 15 votes in favor. Thus, the draft had been adopted unanimously.

The President of the Security Council then gave the floor to the representative of the
Democratic Republic of Congo. The representative first gave thanks to the delegation for
the knowledge and competence they had in this task. He discussed two issues: elections
and the fight against armed groups in the region. With regard to elections, he stated that
the country intends to run elections that are in line with the standard of the international
community. The representative noted that the government is pursuing the eradication of
armed groups to allow a peaceful life for its people. However, this can only be achieved
with the support of all countries in the region. In addition, the representative said we must recognize that noncooperation of countries in the region is a danger that could
compromise these efforts. After the representative gave his statement, the President adjourned the meeting.

Shortly after, the Security Council held its 7660th meeting on the adoption of the agenda regarding the situation in the Middle East. The President gave the floor to Mr. O’Brien, and he said that there has been much progress on humanitarian access in Syria. Since the beginning of the year, the UN has reached 150,000 people through convoys. However, he noted that this is only a first step to what is required. Humanitarian conditions remain dire, and there are still 4.6 million people who are in need of assistance. After the briefing from Mr. O’Brien, the President adjourned the meeting.

Meeting: Security Council: 7659th meeting; 7660th meeting

Date/Location: Wednesday March 30, 2016, 10:00 –10:30; Security Council


Speakers: Representative of the Democratic Republic of Congo; Mr. Stephen

O’Brien, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief


Written By: WIT Representative Kangho (Paul) Jung

Edited By: WIT Representative Alexander Margolick

Photo Credit: Stan Honda/AF

Nation-State of Emergency: Providing International Aid to Syria

Syrian refugees in Kurdistan, Iraq.:

Today, at the 7611th meeting of the Council, there was an unanimous vote led by the President in favor of document S/2016/81, a draft resolution presented by France. The meeting was adjourned immediately afterwards.

The 7612th meeting about the situation in the Middle East and the agenda to be adopted in accordance with it, the S/2016/60 report of the Secretary General, was then initiated. Firstly, Mr. O’Brien spoke on the necessity to agree on providing aid in Syria despite political barriers. With over 200,000 people killed and more than 1 million injured, there are now 4.6 million refugees; the 13.5 million people left are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. He stressed the importance on the protection of civilians, calling the situation in Madaya as the “tip of the iceberg.” To give more numbers on the conflict in Syria, there are 2 million people out of school; 35 schools attacked in 2015. A mere 10% of the 113 requests on the much-needed humanitarian assistance were resolved, and many could not be approved due to the lack of security. He stressed three conditions: 1) stop targeting civilians and their infrastructures that are necessary for human survival, 2) facilitate full access to all people in need, including besieged areas for medical supplies, and 3) allow freedom of movement for all civilians. “The Syrian people cannot wait any longer,” he stated. Ms. Cousin reiterated this call for help with her following briefing. In July 2014, the first interagency convoy allowed people to leave and enter Madaya with only one checkpoint. However, in December 2015, the checkpoint was closed, leaving 44,000 people besieged. Now, food there is very limited – this is just one example of the struggle in Syria that desperately needs aid.

Meeting: Security Council, 7611th & 7612th Meeting

Date/Location: Wednesday, January 27th, 2016; 10:00-11:00; Security Council Chamber

Speakers: President of the United Nations Security Council, José Luis Cancela; Mr. Stephen O’Brien: Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator; Ms. Ertharin Cousin: Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme

Written By: WIT Representative Jin Yoo

Edited By: WIT Representative Alex Margolick

Photo Credit: Unknown