Security Council Demands Access to MH17 Site

security council

The Security Council met yet again to discuss the downing of flight MH17 following the improper treatment of the crash site by the separatists in Eastern Ukraine over the weekend. The Council unanimously passed Resolution 2166 demanding armed groups to give international investigators “safe, secure, full and unrestricted access” to the site. The agreement also insisted on the dignified treatment and recovery of the remains of the victims.

Ambassador Samantha Power of America stated that the resolution was passed because there are “armed thugs” walking on the site with “debris crunching beneath their feet.” She added that, “If Russia is not part of the solution, it will continue to be part of the problem,” when commenting on Russia’s finding Ukraine culpable for the incident. Ambassador Churkin of Russia responded that the literary track chosen by Ambassador Power made the meeting controversial and turned “the discussion of a tragedy into a farce.” He also made further claims, alleging that Kiev is drawing on the shock of the incident for self-serving purposes and that evidences submitted by Ukraine have been tampered with. In response, Ambassador Surgeyev of Ukraine stated that his government has been forthright with the investigation process and has invited representatives of four countries, including Russia, to examine the site according to international conventions.

The Foreign Ministers of Australia, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, whose compatriots were victims of the flight, were present. Ms. Bishop of Australia said her country “will not rest until we bring them home.” Portraying the emotions of his nation, Mr. Timmermans of the Netherlands stated that the grief of the Dutch nation turns into anger when child victims’ toys are “being tossed around.” He stated that the impeded access of the rescue workers is an example of “the political game that someone is playing.”

Meeting Title: 7221th Meeting of the UN Security Council

Speakers: Representatives of Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chad, China, Chile, France, Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, The Netherlands, NewZealand, Nigeria, The Philippines, Republic of Korea and Rwanda, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, The United States, Ukraine and Vietnam to the United Nations

Location: Security Council Chamber, United Nations Headquarters, New York City

Date: 21 July 2014

Summary Written by WIT Representative: Harrison Chung

Edited by: Suzy Hallak

The 70th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust

United Nations, New York Headquarters, 23 January 2014

The first DPI/NGO briefing of the winter season was held on January 23, commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. Dr. Carol Rittner, Professor of Holocaust & Genocide Studies, said that “The success of the Nazi ‘Final Solution of the Jewish Question’ in Europe depended to a very large extent, on the cooperation, or at least the indifference and passivity, of the non-Jewish populations under Nazi rule.” She said less than one-third of the Jews of Hungary survived the Holocaust. In her final remarks Dr. Rittner said, “Never be a perpetrator. Never be a victim. Never, but never be a bystander.”

Agnes Vertes was the next speaker. She is a Holocaust survivor who was born in Budapest in 1940. “I am very happy and very lucky to be here but it wasn’t meant to be,” she said. When she was four years old, Ms. Vertes said, her family disintegrated in a pursuit to evade deportation and eventually death.

The Permanent Representative of Hungary said that the Hungarian government has declared the year 2014 as the Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year. The Holocaust commemoration year, he said, provides an opportunity for the whole nation to face the past and apologize.

Speakers: Dr. Carol Rittner RSM, Distinguished Professor of Holocaust & Genocide Studies, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Mrs. Agnes Vertes, a Hungarian Holocaust Survivor; and H.E. Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations.

Written By WIT Representative: Shan Cheema.